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F.Matthias Alexander and The Creative Advance of the Individual

Author:   Bowden, George C
ISBN:   0852430027
Publisher:   L. N. Fowler & Co. Ltd.
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The Alexander Technique is essentially a method of re-education, mainly concerned with those basic psychosomatic attitudes of lying down, sitting, standing and walking.
They are psychosomatic in that each is an attitude or pattern of mind-body, which may aptly be termed a 'frame of mind'.
Alexander found that while his own faulty habits were outstanding to an extreme, they exist to a degree in most of us. Arising in infancy and early youth, they may not become evident as 'dis-ease' until years afterwards, perhaps being the underlying cause of neurosis.
Through this Technique you experience the flow and impulsion of life form its creative source, and the way is open for an progressive regeneration and a new way of life - new with every fresh experience of what becomes the spontaneity of the 'True Art of Living'.
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Published: 01.01.1965
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