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Let Your Life Flow: The Physical, Psychological and Spiritual Benefits of the Alexander Technique

Author:   Maunder, Alex
ISBN:   0852073577
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A basic definition of the Alexander Technique would be how to perform each activity or maintain each posture with the minimum amount of energy. The A.T. teaches us how to release unnecessary muscular tension and realign the posture as we perform our everyday activities. Over 100 years ago F.M. Alexander pioneered his concept of Body/Mind unity. This is the first book to explain the A.T. in terms of energy flow and how we can direct energy with our thoughts. It is also the first book to look at psychological and spiritual implications of the A.T. and how we can work with our innate Body Wisdom for inner guidance.
Readers Comments  
annafergusson from London, England Let your life Flow is just what what the book says. It is an excellent book and uses clear and concise language to illustrate its point. I am a client of Alex Maunder and I can vouch for everything that he says in the book. I have a slight back problem
and the work that I have done with Alex has meant that my back problem as well as my posture has improved through my work with Alex Maunder. The Alexander Technique also goes hand in hand with other complimentary...
Weight: 610 gr
Pages: 252
Edition: Paperback
Published: 31.05.2002
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Width: 173 mm
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