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Bones: The Unity of Form and Function

Author:   Alexander, R. McNeill, Ph.D., D.Sc.
ISBN:   0813338069
Publisher:   Westview Press, Perseus Book Group
status:   unknown
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Here, in stunning color photographs, is the awesome beauty of bones-their form, structure, and movement-as they perfectly serve the design of living creatures.
Few creations of nature display the perfect unity of form and function found in the vertebrate skeleton. Ingeniously designed by the processes of evolution, bones are marvels of engineering.
In tribute to both the beauty and mechanics of its subject, Bones explores the structure, material, and movement of bones. It examines the composition of bone material, looks at joints and muscle attachments that allow for movement-including such elaborate mechanisms as fish jaws, rattlesnake fangs, and a lion's retractable claws-and shows how the same bone is shaped
Readers Comments  
A tribute to both the beauty and mechanics of its subject, June 26, 2000
Reviewer: nevpub from New York, NY USA "Form and function are at the heart of BONES, the best picture book on the subject you are ever likely to come across. Lit by photograper Brian Kosoff as if they were 1960s starlets showing off in an expensive studio, here are 140 beautiful colour plates of eagle wishbones, rodent knees, bat snouts and--suddenly and disturbingly--the skeleton of a small baby, with its huge skull...th...
Pages: 224
Edition: Paperback
Published: 25.10.2000
Height: 275 mm
Width: 257 mm
Thickness: 13 mm
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