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Understanding John Dewey: Nature and Cooperative Intelligence:

Subtitle:   Nature and Co-operative Intelligence
Author:   Campbell, James
ISBN:   0812692853
Publisher:   Open Court Publishing Co
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Campbell's comprehensive introduction to John Dewey's thought is a welcome addition to the literature about a thinker who has had such influence on North American education and thought in the 20th century. Beginning with an analysis of Dewey's views of human nature and the roots of those views in the ideas of William James and Charles Darwin, Campbell proceeds to an examination of Dewey's concept of the role of philosophy in human life. The second half of the book focuses on Dewey's social vision and the belief that pervades his writings that humans are social creatures "who, if they are 'not bound together in associations...are monstrosities.'" Apart from the thoroughness of his scholarship, Campbell's writing is clear and precise, making comprehensible even difficult concepts. Wisely, Campbell lets Dewey speak for himself through a judicious use of quotes from a wide selection of his writings. Though others have delved more deeply into various aspects of Dewey's work (viz., his views on the religious life), Campbell offers the best one-volume exposition of Dewey to come along in some time.
Readers Comments  
"This beautifully written work is the best general introduction to Dewey's philosophy. The exposition is greatly enriched by Campbell's provision of the historical context of Dewey's aims and enquiries". -- James Gouinlock Emory University"Understanding John Dewey will be as useful to those coming to Dewey for the first time as to Dewey specialists. Few scholars combine as well as Campbell does deep knowledge of American intellectual history and skill in philosophical analysis". -- Peter H. Hare... 
Weight: 550 gr
Edition: Paperback
Published: 01.03.1995
Height: 229 mm
Width: 151 mm
Thickness: 21 mm
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