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Symphony of Dreams

Subtitle:   Biography - The Conductor and Patron Paul Sacher
Author:   Stephenson, Lesley & Weed, Don
ISBN:   0810849593
Publisher:   Rowman & Littlefield (Scarecrow Press)
status:   unknown
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Symphony of Dreams (book available in both English and German) is a 'creative non-fiction' biography. That means that it is a thoroughly researched biography written in an interesting style, not in a heavy academic style. Described by Germany's 'Der Spiegel' as 'one of the most fascinating biographies of recent years', it tells the story of an amazing man, the Swiss icon Paul Sacher, billionaire entrepreneur, unrivalled music patron of the 20th century, one of the world's most private and
Readers Comments  
Lesley Stephenson worked closely with Paul Sacher for fifteen years as his ghost writer and translator. Through her work, and in dozens of lengthy interviews with this intensely private man, she managed to break through his legendary mask of reserve, accessing facts that were previously unknown even to family members and close friends. Her biography of Sacher, Symphony of Dreams: The Conductor and Patron Paul Sacher, has been described by The London Times as 'enthralling', and by Germany's prest... 
Pages: 360
Edition: Hardcover
Published: 01.12.2003
Height: 216 mm
Width: 140 mm
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