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Man´s Supreme Inheritance: Conscious Guidance and Control in Relation to Human Evolution

ISBN:   0766191435
Publisher:   Kessinger Publishing Co
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1918. Contents Part I. Man?s Supreme Inheritance: From Primitive Conditions to Present Needs; Primitive Remedies and Their Defects; Subconsciousness and Inhibition; Conscious Control; Applied Conscious Control; Habits of Thought and of Body; Race Culture and the Training of Children; Evolutionary Standards and Their Influence in the Crisis of 1914; Part II. Conscious Guidance and Control: Synopsis of Claim; The Argument; The Processes of Conscious Guidance and Control; Conscious Guidance and Control in Practice; Apprehension and Re-Education; Individual Errors and Delusions; Notes and Instances; Part III. The Theory and Practice of a New Method of Respiratory Re-Education: The Theory of Respiratory Re-Education; Errors to be Avoided and Facts to be Remembered in the Theory and Practice of Respiratory Re-Education; and The Practice of Respiratory Re-Education.
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Pages: 374
Published: 28.05.2007
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