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Towards Perfect Posture

Author:   Door, Brian
ISBN:   0752816802
Publisher:   Orion Publishing Co
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An accessible and entertaining guide to improving your posture for time-pressed executives and harassed housewives that takes the strain out of everyday life.
Book Description
Using an easy to follow combination of Alexander technique and yoga movements this book will help correct your posture at home and at work leaving you feeling fitter and happier and boosting energy.
Readers Comments  
STRAIGHT TO IT includes sections on:What we mean by 'bad posture is bad for you' How to get good postureHow good posture improves your life. From sitting and standing to lifting and walking, with highlighted hints on lifting weights, washing your hair, vacuuming and window cleaning...this book tells you everything you need to know.The most unusual and useful aspect of this innovative book is that it applies the above principles to our daily lives with hints and tips on how to use good p...
Weight: 100 gr
Pages: 160
Edition: Paperback
Published: 06.03.2003
Height: 175 mm
Width: 110 mm
Thickness: 14 mm
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