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More Balls Than Hands

Subtitle:   Juggling Your Way to Success by Learning to Love Your Mistakes
Author:   Gelb, Michael
ISBN:   0735203377
Publisher:   Penguin PUTNAM INC USA
status:   in stock, new
Price:   9,00 Euro  = 12,34 USD = 6,39 GBP
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A noted organizational consultant and author of How to Think Like Leonardo DaVinci offers a practical guide on how to balance one's personal life and professional career, deal with continual change, and get more done in less time, with the help of a mistake positive culture and five "Keys to High
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Weight: 367 gr
Pages: 208
Edition: Hardback
Published: 11.12.2003
Height: 216 mm
Width: 148 mm
Thickness: 19 mm
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