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Mind & Body Stress Relief with The Alexander Technique

Author:   Brennan, Richard
ISBN:   072253504X
Publisher:   Thorsons Publications
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As the title suggests this book tells you how to reduce physical, mental and emotional stress. Topics covered include worry, depression, insomnia and panic attacks. Like the other books it is also suitable for those new to the Technique as well as those who have had Alexander Technique lessons. No other book on the market explains how the stress of the mind directly causes excessive muscle tension. 185 pages Illustrated with line drawings.
This is a unique approach to the Alexander Technique and shows how the mind, body and emotions are affecting one another. Illustrated with line drawings. While still very readable it contains numerous exercises that you can follow which will help you to.
Readers Comments  
'Mind and Body Stress Relief With the Alexander Technique'. Alexander realised there is an inseparable unity between body, mind and emotions, and that mental stress leads to muscle tension and emotional instability. This book will enable people to counter this and take control.

Synopsis Your body shows the signs of stress - backache, shoulder tension, headaches, asthma, frequent colds and high blood pressure. This text shows how maintaining control and letting goPlease send your comments, thank you!
Weight: 227 gr
Pages: 185
Edition: Paperback
Published: 01.08.1998
Height: 216 mm
Width: 136 mm
Thickness: 15 mm
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