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Thorsons Introductory Guide to the Alexander Technique

Author:   Drake, Jonathan
ISBN:   0722527799
Publisher:   Harpercollins
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The Alexander technique teaches poise and confidence, which goes hand-in-hand with co-ordination. In addition it is ideal for alleviating back and neck pain, arthritis, stress and fatique, headaches, breathing difficulties, sportsinjuries, hypertension, depression and many other psychosomatic disorders. The benefits the technique offers are immense - ranging from greater co-ordination to improved learning skills and increased personal confidence - this book showsreaders how to use the technique.
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A complete introduction to the one-hundred-year-old technique that has helped musicians, athletes, dancers, and others reduce stress, back pain, and fatigue by improving posture and realignment. 
Weight: 90 gr
Pages: 128
Edition: Paperback
Published: 01.09.1993
Height: 191 mm
Width: 127 mm
Thickness: 6 mm
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