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The Complete Illustrated Guide to the Alexander Technique

Subtitle:   A Practical Approach to Health, Poise and Fitness
Author:   Macdonald, Glynn
ISBN:   0705431304
Publisher:   Timelife
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The Alexander Technique is a unique system of mind and body awareness. This is an inspired and comprehensive guide to the background, benefits and beauty of the Alexander Technique,

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A guide to the system of mind and body awareness known as the Alexander technique discusses its practical applications and includes photographic sequences demonstrating the technique in action.

A very nice job of describing the Alexander Technique., 25 Jan 1999

Reviewer: A reader from Tampa, Florida I first learned about the Alexander Technique about 10 years ago and found it helped my chronic shoulder and neck problems and persistent pain. What I discovered was that I was causing ...
Weight: 940 gr
Pages: 192
Edition: Hardcover
Published: 28.01.1999
Height: 303 mm
Width: 195 mm
Thickness: 13 mm
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