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Muscles Alive: Their Functions Revealed by Electromyography

Author:   Basmajian, John V. & Luca, Carlo De
ISBN:   068300414X
Publisher:   Lippincott Williams and Wilkins
status:   unknown
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5th edition (June 1, 1985) - This is an extraordinarily valuable book for anyone interested in muscle physiology, kinesiology and electromyography.It is the most comprehensive book ever produced on the physiology, research and application of sEMG.The author John Basmajian founded the International Society of Electromyography and Kinesiology (ISEK)and about five other professional biomedical societies as well. Basmajian's pioneering work with sEMG and with EMG biofeedback dates back to the late fifties and his early work with iEMG (intramuscular or needle) EMG was published in Science magazine. Carlo DeLuca is a brilliant researcher, one of the world's current leaders in the field, now that Basmajian has attained Emeritus status (McMaster University.)If you work with pain, physical therapy, physiatry, biofeedback, kinesiology, you can't go wrong with this book. I've heard that a new edition is in the works.Basmajian also did a classic biofeedback book as well.
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Weight: 2300 gr
Pages: 561
Edition: Hardcover
Published: 01.12.1985
Height: 241 mm
Width: 173 mm
Thickness: 46 mm
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