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Your Guide to the Alexander Technique

Subtitle:   Revolutionise your body use and alleviate stress
Author:   Gray, John
ISBN:   0575067136
Publisher:   Weidenfeld & Nicholson
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The Alexander Technique can release pain-inducing tension and
simplify movement. It helps return the body to a balanced state
of rest in which it is well-aligned, combining stability and freedom
in the right areas. The technique is simple and full of
commonsense. In this guide, John Gray describes and explains
the rudimentary procedures and practices of Alexander's
Readers Comments  
essential reading for the beginner, laymans english., 30 April, 2001

Reviewer: (dadpat@cableinet.co.uk) from LONDON I found this book a very good introduction into the world life-changing books. The enlish used is very easy to follow , not too much pyscho babble to confuse the mind. The author has a provenance back to F.M. Alexander , and over 20 years experience. This technique could be the best thing since the proverbial ,'Sliced bread.'.

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Pages: 176
Edition: Paperback
Published: 05.11.1998
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