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The Alexander Technique for Pregnancy and Childbirth

Author:   Forsstrom, Brita - Hampson, Mel
ISBN:   0575054867
Publisher:   Victor Gollancz, London, 1995 (TRAFALGAR SQUARE)
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The Alexander Technique is a form of sensory re-education that teaches people how to eliminate ingrained habits of body misuse' and stress patterns, commonly experienced as physical disorder such as bad backs, irritability and headaches.
In The Alexander Technique for Pregnancy and Childbirth' the same principles of good body use are applied to the fundamental changes and adaptations that a mother must take during the nine months of pregnancy, through potentially the most intense experience of her life - childbirth - and into the first years with her new baby.
This book contains practical advice on what happens to the mother's body, on posture and how to cope with the weights of growing baby, on movements and positions which helps to re-align the body and also facilitate and ease natural labour, on avoiding common complaints of pregnancy such as breathlessness, backache, and tiredness, and, after the birth, on looking after the new baby - and herself.
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Pages: 160
Published: 01.01.1995
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