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The Alexander Technique: Learning to Use Your Body for Total Energy

Author:   Barker, Sarah
ISBN:   055328827X
Publisher:   Bantam c/o Random House Inc, New York
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Imagine a technique that begins with one simple movement and transforms every muscle in your entire body ... a technique so easy you can lern it yourself ... and so amazingly effective that your whole life may change for the better.

Nobel Prize-winner Nikolaas Tinbergen hailed the discovery of the technique. With growing amazement' he and his family noted very striking improvements' in high blood pressure, depth of sleep, overall cheerfulness and mental alertness. Tinbergen cloncluded that teh technique may pften produce profond and beneficial effects' to help: ...
Readers Comments  
If libraries have the first edition of this book (Bantam, 1978), they will not need this one. There are almost no changes. However, those that don't have many titles on the subject may want to consider it. Unlike Judy Leibowitz and Bill Connington, authors of The Alexander Technique ( LJ 7/90), Barker believes it is possible to learn this method for correctly moving one's body on one's own. Although there is a brief chapter on the discovery of the technique, this is basically a how-to book with ... 
Weight: 90 gr
Pages: 144
Edition: Paperback
Published: 01.01.1991
Height: 173 mm
Width: 104 mm
Thickness: 10 mm
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