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The Alexander Technique for Actors

Author:   McEvenue, Kelly
ISBN:   0413710106
Publisher:   Methuen Publishing Ltd
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The Alexander Technique is a method of physical relaxation that reduces tension and strain throughout the body. It promotes a beneficial use of movement that is stress-free by learning to free-up the body. It teaches an individual to use their body efficiently in order to avoid damage or loss of control. Kelly McEvenue has been teaching the Alexander Technique to performers for nearly twenty years and is a world expert on the system. In this book she draws on her considerable experience and sets up a series of set-by-step warm-ups and exercises that anybody can follow. The exercises are linked to accurate anatomical drawings, showing where stress is most pronounced in the body.
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Kelly McEvenue teaches the Alexander Technique, a method of physical relaxation that reduces tension throughout the body. This guide to the technique is specially adapted for actors to promote efficient use of the body. The book includes a series of step-by-step warm-ups and exercises.
This practical book with illustrations links Alexander technique to acting, dancing and singing by the trainer of performers on The Lion King
Weight: 190 gr
Pages: 168
Edition: Paperback
Published: 08.11.2001
Height: 215 mm
Width: 135 mm
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