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The Chair

Subtitle:   Rethinking Culture, Body, and Design
Author:   Cranz, Galen
ISBN:   0393046559
Publisher:   W.W. Norton & Company
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Galen Cranz -- sociologist, architecture professor, and Alexander teacher -- gives new meaning to the term "chair work." The Chair describes the history and (faulty) thinking behind many ergonomic designs, and questions the cultural assumption that chair sitting is natural. Well-written and even humorous, the ergonomic attempts to create a body-friendly chair reads like a dark comedy. She challenges the myth of lumbar support, explains why chair backs should be high enough to support both the shoulders and head, and advocates perching and lounging over traditional right-angle sitting. Practical as well as critical, she helps with the difficulties of selecting chairs for daily life by summarizing criteria for chair design-and-use in a handy one page chart.
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Weight: 445 gr
Pages: 288
Edition: Gebunde
Published: 01.01.1998
Height: 213 mm
Width: 157 mm
Thickness: 19 mm
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