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Thinking in Pictures

Subtitle:   And Other Reports from My Life with Autism
Author:   Grandin, Temple
ISBN:   0385477929
Publisher:   Doubleday
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Learning about Temple Grandin has validated my own life and gifts, and has put the symptoms of my disability (Asperger's Syndrome) into perspective. Many reviewers say that those *working with* autistics would enjoy her book, but just as importantly, other autistic-spectrum people will find some helpful and relevant information in her book that they can use to apply to their own life.
Readers Comments  
Oliver Sacks calls Temple Grandin's first book--and the first picture of autism from the inside--"quite extraordinary, unprecedented and, in a way, unthinkable." Sacks told part of her story in his An Anthropologist on Mars, and in Thinking in Pictures Grandin returns to tell her life history with great depth, insight, and feeling. Grandin told Sacks, "I don't want my thoughts to die with me. I want to have done something ... I want to know that my life has meaning ... I'm talking about things a... 
Weight: 254 gr
Pages: 222
Edition: Hardback
Published: 01.11.1995
Height: 241 mm
Width: 171 mm
Thickness: 32 mm
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