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Alexander Technique

Subtitle:   Alternative Health
Author:   Stevens, Chris
ISBN:   0356124304
Publisher:   Macdonald, UK, Optima
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The Alexander Technique's effectiveness is attested to by the many dancers, musicians, actors, and athletes who practice it in order to use their bodies more healthily and naturally. The technique can help solve all kinds of work-related health problems, and improve general well-being and self-awareness. Simply described as a method of teaching the body how to stand up straight, the technique actually focuses on bringing the mind and body into a state of stable, natural, relaxation. Written by Chris Stevens, an experienced Alexander Technique teacher, this thorough guide sets forth the principles of the method for the beginning or prospective student.
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Weight: 130 gr
Pages: 128
Edition: Paperback
Published: 01.01.1991
Height: 248 mm
Width: 197 mm
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