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Subtitle:   A Musician´s Guide to the Alexander Technique
Author:   Alcantara, Pedro de
ISBN:   0198165692
Publisher:   Oxford University Press
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The Alexander Technique applies to all areas of musical activity, from technique and sound production, to daily practice and the mitigating of stage fright and health problems. This text explains the concept of the technique and shows how it can be applied to musicianship. The problems of a musician may have many causes and many possible solutions. While working conditions, stress and instrument and furniture design are all significant factors, the most important aspect of a musician's life remains not what is done to them, but what they do to themselves. F.M. Alexander (1869-1955) saw the individual as a whole, and talked not of 'the body', but of 'the self', not of 'posture', but of 'use'. The aim of his technique is not to teach you to do what is right, but to help.
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Edition: Paperback
Published: 20.02.1997
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