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Alexander Technique

Subtitle:   An Introductory Guide To The Technique And Its Benefits - UK Edition
Author:   N.N.
ISBN:   0091812712
Publisher:   Vintage / Ebury
status:   unknown
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The Alexander Technique is a natural postural and breathing technique which can be used in an effective way to ease stress-related disorders, and in rehabilitation after illness. This is an introduction to the technique for all those interested in understanding how it works.

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Publisher: Vermilion
Date published: February 1, 1996
Readers Comments  
An introduction to the Alexander Technique, the natural posturing and breathing technique devised in the 1800s. It can be used to ease stress-related disorders and in rehabilitation after illness. This guide answers questions about the technique and gives information on its development.  
Pages: 128
Edition: Paperback
Published: 11.03.2004
Height: 210 mm
Width: 130 mm
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