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The Alexander Technique

Subtitle:   US Edition
Author:   Leibowitz, Judith & Connington, Bill
ISBN:   0060920858
Publisher:   HarperCollins Publishers
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Publisher Comments:
The Alexander Technique, developed a century ago by F.M. Alexander, is aimed at improving the way the body is used. Long popular with actors, dancers, and musicians for its ability to improve stamina, flexibility, and relaxation, this subtle technique of realignment is recognized for its therapeutic value with stress-related disorders, bad backs, poor posture, and more. The Alexander Technique shows how you can use this method to realign your body and improve your life.
Readers Comments  
Explains how to use the Alexander Technique, a century-old movement method designed to improve the use of the body, to relieve tension and pain, enhanc posture, develop relaxation, and improve stamina, flexibility, and health.
The world-famous method for enhancing posture, stamina, health, and well-being, and for relieving pain and tension.
Weight: 420 gr
Pages: 177
Edition: Paperback
Published: 01.07.1991
Height: 234 mm
Width: 187 mm
Thickness: 17 mm
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