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The Alexander Technique(see also ISBN 0285635387)

Author:   Leibowitz, Judith & Connington, Bill
ISBN:   0060160535
Publisher:   HarperCollins Publishers
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From Library Journal
Created by a Shakespearean actor about 100 years ago, the Alexander Technique is a method of correctly moving the body and maintaining proper posture to improve stamina, flexibility, and relaxation. It is also recognized as having therapeutic value with stress-related disorders, respiratory ailments, bad backs, gastrointestinal disorders, hypertension, and arthritis. The authors of this book, both members of the American Center for the Alexander Technique, answer many questions about the technique and describe the theory behind it. They emphasize that the technique can only be properly learned from a certified instructor, although they do clearly explain and illustrate a series of physical movements that will help reduce strain. For libraries that have few other books on this subject and those with extensive holistic health collections.
- Natalie Kupferberg, Brooklyn Coll. Lib., New York
Copyright 1990 Reed Business Information, Inc.
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Pages: 448
Edition: Hardcover
Published: 01.08.1990
Height: 226 mm
Width: 188 mm
Thickness: 16 mm
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