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Alexander Technique in a Nutshell

Subtitle:   A Step-by-step Guide
Author:   Masterton, Alisa
ISBN:   0007140436
Publisher:   Element Books
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The Alexander Technique is an approach to the way in which we hold ourselves, walk, stand and sit, which aims to promote natural poise and free movement. Devised by Frederick Matthias Alexander, the technique emphasises that mind and body are intimately connected and therefore that our thoughts and emotions affect our physical well-being and vice versa. By restoring the head, neck and back to their natural alignment, it can help with a variety of common ailments including stress-related conditions, neck and joint pain and breathing disorders.

see also ISBN 1862041954
Readers Comments  
Says what the Alexander Technique can do, but no teaching, 12 February, 2001
Reviewer: (boon@electriceye.co.uk) from United Kingdom The book explains some of the problems associated with stress and daily activities and how practising the Alexander Technique can alleviate these symptoms but unfortunately doesn't actually mention any of the techniques used. It gets quite repetitive and suggests the only way to learn the techniques is through a teacher. Although this little book is a good intro t...
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Edition: Hardback
Published: 06.01.2002
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