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Illustrated Elements of ... Alexander Technique

Author:   MacDonald, Glynn
ISBN:   0007133855
Publisher:   Harpercollins - Thorsons Element Books
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Modern life is hard on our bodies. Stress and tension lead to backaches, headaches, stiff necks and other common ailments, and all too often we accept them as being part of the normal wear and tear of life. The Alexander Technique shows it need not be that way. By using conscious control we can change old patterns of misuse and give our minds and bodies a chance to work more freely. This excellent illustrated guide includes:
The history and evolution of the Alexander Technique
Practical procedures involving mind and body
Real case studies showing the range of applications of the Alexander Technique
Readers Comments  
All too often we accept common ailments like backache and stress as part of life. The Alexander Technique shows that by using conscious control we can change patterns of misuse. This book offers expert guidance to those both familiar and unfamiliar with the technique.

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Weight: 367 gr
Pages: 144
Edition: Paperback
Published: 18.02.2002
Height: 235 mm
Width: 158 mm
Thickness: 15 mm
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